Tuesday, September 15, 2009


My third year working for keila cordova dances at the Fringe Festival was another wonderful experience. I love the company of dancers Keila works with, and I love the way her shows come together in a beautiful combination of dance, song and spoken word.

This year we did three pieces: Happy Inside (exploring life's simple pleasures), Meteorologica (exploring weather patterns and the meteorologist's relationships to them) and GOLD (exploring the image of the "gold digger", from 1930's MGM movies to modern day video girls). Full descriptions of each piece here.

Tuesday night is pizza night
Happy Inside: (Anna Sweeney and Kate Abernethy)

Turkey Tower
Meteorologica: (Kate Abernethy)

GOLDen girls: (l-r: Anna Sweeney, Kathy Kerner, Zoe, Kate Abernethy, Karmen Fails, Cristin Van Horn, Melissa Rodis)

Tip-toe through the tulips: (Cristin Van Horn, Kate Abernethy, Melissa Rodis, Karmen Fails)

I need a sponsor: (Zoe)

Ladies and gentlemen.... the GOLD diggers! (Karmen Fails, Kate Abernethy, Zoe, Anna Sweeney, Cristin Van Horn)

Plenty of money and you: (Karmen Fails, Anna Sweeney, Kate Abernethy)
It was a truly magical experience, and I'm already looking forward to next year! A huge thank-you to Keila, Andrew, Melissa and all of the sweet and beautiful dancers for making this another great year.

And of course I've been spending a lot of nights dancing and generally getting into trouble at Festival Bar with my partner-in-crime Amanda:

So although I've been too poor to see a lot of the shows this year, I'm still filling myself up with a very Fringe-y experience.

All dance photos were taken by Bill Hebert and the Festival Bar picture was taken by Kevin Monko.

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