Friday, November 20, 2009

Red, White & FABULOUS!

Just a little teaser for all of you Tuna fans-- the publicity photos* for our upcoming production of Red, White and Tuna:

(l-r) Bill Van Horn as Inita and John Zak as Helen. Of course they each play like 1,000 other characters too, but you'll have to come and see the show to see those costumes-- we don't want to ruin any surprises!

You won't want to miss this one-- we're in tech now, and it just keeps getting funnier! We run from November 24th-January 3rd, so be sure to get those tickets now before we sell out!

*photos taken by Tom Miller

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Autumn Around a Fire

Mel and AJ's firepit is quickly becoming the best place this winter to spontaneously get together for beers and great conversation.

We've found that we can call people without any warning and they will show up rather quickly.

Mel is a wonderful hostess!

Pets are always welcome.

And silliness is definitely encouraged.

Lola the pup moves at light-speed the whole night, but that's just part of her charm.

Deb and Lindsay tried to moon us through the window at one point, but they ended up just falling over.

Our backs get cold, but our hands stay warm.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

White. Trash. Five.

Hyde is all geared up for the party, dressed in his turtle costume, waiting for guests to arrive:

Octomom (Michele Traub) was first on the scene, scattering babies everywhere she went:

Hyde loves babies. Really.

And the winning costumes of the evening, Ms. Hotdog and Mr. Beer (Mel & AJ):
Deb and I went as Ren Faire trash. I'm not ashamed to say that every piece of my costume (except for the red vest) came from my own closet:
We had awesome representation from this year's Walnut Street Theatre apprentices! l-r: Hooters Girl Stephanie, Cougar Moriah, White Trash Barbie Sarah:
The hotdog gets DOWN, baby!
Sup, dawg?

Production management apprentice Courtney and my apprentice Lauren get trashy:

This is our neighbor Dana, who also has a greyhound. She got real trashy. We were proud to make another convert:

Katie looks smokin' as Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors:

Mainstage stage management apprentice Cherie is a beauty queen:

Sports rivalries are so trashy! Kelley Faulkner and Fran Prisco show off their respective city prides. (Side note: GO PHILS!)

Sara Nye and her good buddy came as drunken Phillies fans. They threatened to pull down traffic lights all night long. They also applied lots of lipgloss, all over their faces.

What could be trashier than teabaggers? Lindsay & Carrie don't take kindly to Obama's socialist ideas....
Deb and the apprenti!
Ashley and Melissa made a fine Bleeker & Juno:
Dalice & Amanda came as facebook pages:

Jon & Kate showed up, with the 8 kids on a rope. Jon found a drunk Yankees fan to hang out with instead of his kids, though:
At some point in the evening we decided to go outside and shotgun beers:

It's time for Amanda to update her status:
Yay for White Trash!

...and now is the time when Deb gets groups of people to take off their pants and brandish weapons....

Things got so crazy people started switching costumes!


I know I'm really drunk when I start taking pictures in the bathroom:

I heart Carrie! And White Trash is our anniversary- 4 years ago we met our neighbors Lindsay & Carrie when we invited them to White Trash I!
At the end of the night, it's time to take off your pants and have a snuggle with a greyhound-sized turtle:

Another year, another White Trash success!