Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hot Hot Heat

I apologize for my absence, but Forbidden Broadway has grown into a beast of a show and I've been... wait for it... working my ASS off. I encourage everyone to come and see it. It's going to be such a good show. I love that the Studio is doing large shows and doing them so well. I'm super proud of this one.

Anyway, while I've been on my hands and knees peeling costumes off sweaty actors subbing in for our second dresser (yes, that's right, the Studio is moving up in the world-- we actually get a second person backstage on this one!!) the weather outside has gone from beautiful to freakin' GORGEOUS.

I'm a summer girl, always have been. Even though I grew up in the snow belt of New York State, winter has never been my thing. So there's nothing more glorious to me after a long winter than the advent of spring... and the first really hot day of the year.

Now of course it does make me slightly uneasy that this heatwave hit in April. It always amazes me when people are skeptical of global warming. But still, it's been a long, cold winter and this heatwave feels nothing short of wonderful.

Tomorrow I have plans to start my garden and go out to dinner with my girlfriend. Bring it on, summer!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Be Careful of the Gay Lightning

I give to you the hilarious Stephen Colbert's campaign against same-sex marriage:

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
The Colbert Coalition's Anti-Gay Marriage Ad
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It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

I know I'm a little behind the times with this one, but I am totally and utterly obsessed with AMC's Mad Men. Since cancelling our cable, we've become big Netflix users, and this series was first on my queue.

What can I say-- the storyline, the costumes, the scenery... it's all perfection. For those of you aren't familiar, the series is set in a New York City advertising agency in the early 1960's, and centered around the hot shot ad man Don Draper as he deals with the changing times and all of the women in his life.

But of course being the clothing whore that I am, I'm totally falling for the character of Joan, the head secretary. These are looks I could wear every day:

God! I'm dying here! These are just exquisite.

I'm only half way through Season 1, so I'm enjoying the fact that I have many more episodes to catch up on. I'm trying to pace myself-- I could watch an entire season in a day if I'm not careful!

For those of you who haven't seen this yet, I highly recommend that you do so. Until then I'll be on the hunt for pencil skirts and broaches... and does anyone know where I can get my hands on that fabulous pen necklace Joan rocks?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dance 10, Looks 3

The cast of Forbidden Broadway waits for their auditions... (l-r: Sonny Leo, Ellie Mooney, Marcus Stevens, Jennie Eisenhower)

We took our Publicity Photos today, and it was pretty hard to keep a straight face. Our costume designer, Colleen Grady, has really outdone herself!

Don't miss this one! We run from May 7-June 28.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

4 Shows Down...

Melissa and I stocked up on out caffeinated beverages and began our final double week of the season. Our last slot is traditionally a musical, and this year is no different: we're doing Forbidden Broadway's Greatest Hits. Our talented cast includes Jennie Eisenhower, Sonny Leo, Ellie Mooney and Marcus Stevens.

I wasn't so sure about this one-- spoof shows have never really done it for me. But watching these amazing performers do their thing has had me laughing a loud more times than I care to count! They are incredible. It's going to be a very funny show.

Besides, where else can you see a Barbra Streisand, a Mandy Patinkin and a Liza Minnelli impersonation all in one place? (Outside a drag club, that is...) Not to mention some very funny spoofing of all of the hit Broadway shows. My particular favorite is the Les Miserables section, and everyone who worked on the Walnut's recent production will surely appreciate it as well!

So don't miss this one-- if we're laughing this hard the second day of rehearsal, in the middle of a double week, it's gotta be good.

In other Studio 3 news, I'm very close to finding an apprentice for next year's season. I have interviewed so many very qualified people and now it's come time to chose just one...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Life on a Budget

I know, I know, everyone's doing it. But hearing about budget crisises and stock failings and company take-overs and government bailouts on the radio isn't the same as watching the good old bottom line of your checking account balance dip dangerously close to zero.

I've never been good with money, but the times are forcing me to be now. Along with this very stressful and expensive move, the dog is sick AGAIN and Deb and I are frantically trying to stay ahead of the curve. Or out of the red. Or away from any of those scary money metaphors.

It's been really tough, but I actually think this is very good for us. We're tightening our belts in a number of ways, and each little bit is helping. We've stopped going out so much, we've cancelled our cable (hello, Netflix!), we are very careful with our purchases at the grocery store and we talk about every expenditure together. We're walking or biking to work to save on gas and to get back into shape. Even my vegetarianism has helped our wallets-- groceries are much cheaper without meat!

Deb and I are learning to talk money, and to talk about it frequently. We are learning to appreciate the little things in life that are free (walks in the park, snuggling on the couch, an unexpected free gift from a cashier at the grocery store because I was nice to her...) and to know that this too, shall pass, and soon enough if we save and are careful, we will be able to incorporate the things we've given up back into our lives.

And we're working really hard to get rid of our debt and to start saving money. So all together, while things may be a little tough right now, we are learning very healthy financial habits that will hopefully stick with us through the good times and the bad.

Life on a budget is still life, after all...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Only 46 states to go...

Yes, folks, it's true-- the nation's largest producer of maple syrup has become the 4th state in the Union to legalize marriage for all. News story here.

Congrats, Vermont!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vegging Out

This is my new obsession. I've cooked almost every recipe in the book, and they have all been delicious.

For those of you who don't know about Moosewood, it's a vegetarian restaurant located in Ithaca, New York (just a short hop from where I grew up...) that was at the head of the counter-culture vegetarian movement. Not only are they incredibly socially responsible and environmentally active, they also have some of the yummiest food on the planet. Even devout carnivores fall under the Moosewood spell.

I must confess something to you now, dear readers... I'm becoming a vegetarian. It's a slow process, and I'm allowing it to happen somewhat organically rather than going (forgive the pun!) cold turkey into a meat-free lifestyle.

It started back in January, when I decided I simply wasn't getting enough fruits and vegetables in my diet. I thought the simplest solution would be to eliminate meat for a little while, to re-set my body into a healthful veggie mode. Strangely enough, I found I didn't miss meat at all. Okay, that may be a bit of a lie-- who can say they don't miss bacon? And those turkey sausage breakfast sandwiches from Wawa are just so tasty....

But generally speaking, I didn't crave meat or even think about it when it was gone. I'm not even using very many meat substitutes. Tofu and I are barely on speaking terms, although we've had a few pleasant interactions so far and I'm open to more. But really, the point for me was to give up meat, not to substitute it for something that's vaguely meaty tasting with an odd texture. I like veggies, I want more veggies.

Now this certainly isn't a militant thing. I'll probably cheat once and a while. (How could I say no to a slice of Thanksgiving turkey with Mom's amazing gravy?) And there's no way in hell I could ever become a vegan. Just the thought of giving up cheese and ice cream makes me break out into hives!

Being more healthful was my number one reason for the switch, but other factors are helping me stay the course. Honestly, getting a dog made me think long and hard about consuming animals-- call me a bleeding heart, but I don't see all that much difference between the dog I adore and a pig or a cow. They are all living, sentient beings and I would rather not consume them mindlessly.

Plus our meat processing (a gross phrase, if you ask me) standards are absolutely appalling. It would be one thing to eat an animal raised pleasantly and killed humanely. But the more I read about feedlots and slaughterhouses, the more I can't stand the thought of all that suffering just so I can have a hot dog.

Not to mention the environmental impact-- according to the website, eating one pound of meat emits the same amount of greenhouse gas as driving an SUV 40 miles. Not to mention the pollution caused by all the animal waste, the waste of resources,etc.... the more I look into this issue, the more it makes sense for me as a responsible citizen of this world to give up meat. Check out this great article about the environmental impact of vegetarianism here.

Now don't think I'm preaching. Like I said, I'm bound to cheat now and then. And I would never look down upon my carnivorous friends-- to each his or her own. But going veg for me makes me feel better physically (bonus: I'm losing weight!), emotionally and weirdly enough, spiritually. So it just makes sense for me.

Okay, I'm going to eat some of that incredible Broccoli Rice casserole I made from my copy of the Moosewood Cookbook. I've got my eye on the Bulgarian Pepper casserole next, or maybe the Mushroom Curry? So many choices, so many veggies...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Head Case

The day we turned over our 2 Street keys to the world's shady-est landlords, Deb drove me straight to the record store to buy Neko Case's latest CD, Middle Cyclone. She knows just how to cheer me up.

I've been playing it ever since. Words cannot describe how much I love Neko. She's amazing. And this album is strangely fitting for my current life circumstances-- triumphant yet reserved, optimistic yet cautious.

Go buy this album now and see for yourself!

Friday, April 3, 2009


There was a double rainbow over Philadelphia today. (Photo taken by Meg Walsh)

My heart goes out to all of my Central New York friends and family, and everyone dealing with the unimaginable tragedy that happened in Binghamton, NY today.

News story here.

And I celebrate the news that Iowa has become the 3rd state in our nation to legalize marriage for all.

News story here.