Friday, October 30, 2009

Back in Black

It's official, folks: fall is here. And that means many things to us....

Like lots of leaf piles to sniff on walks!

And lately, the Phillies in the World Series! GO PHILS!!!

Let's not forget the most important part of my fall: going back to work. This week was my first week back. We begin rehearsals for Red, White and Tuna this Tuesday. It's going to be a laugh-riot!

But my first week was a prep week, so I decided to boldly go where no one has gone before (or at least for many, many years) and paint my office. I wanted to do the walls a nice light green, but I got word from Above (no, not god-- my boss) that I had to stick with whatever colors we had around the theatre. But hey, anything is better than this:

Yes, I leave my keys in the door like that. All the time. Yes, that is a bottle of vodka on the desk. It's for cleaning costumes, I swear.

My new apprentice Lauren is a good painter:

I wasn't wild about the yellow at all, especially with our horrible fluorescent lighting.

But with a few adjustments, some pictures on the walls and better lighting, I think it turned out pretty darn nice:

I felt good leaving the office today, all cleaned and freshly painted and organized. I feel really ready to start our rehearsals on Tuesday.

Now I'm off to clean the house in preparation for our other big fall event: WHITE TRASH V!!

Pictures to follow. Should be an incredibly raucous time.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Autumn Daze

The leaves are turning, the rain is colder and the sun has that faded golden look. As my break winds down, summer gives it's last gasp and makes way for chilly, changeable autumn.

But there are some things to celebrate about this seasonal changing of the guards...

Like snuggling on the couch:

Going to Philadelphia's First Friday with friends:

A bumper crop of cool-weather spinach:

Friends with backyards and fire pits:

Holding on to those last moments of summer with a s'more:

And enjoying bare feet outside one last time:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I'm still around, I promise. Just going through a rough patch lately. And to top things off, I'm nasty-sick. Although I couldn't resist the above graphic, according to the doctor I don't, in fact, have swine flu. It's just a virus, which is ultimately maybe more frustrating as there is nothing to do but take antibiotics and hope they work out. In the mean time I feel like death warmed over.

Also I'd like to take a moment of silence to remember my trusty '98 Subaru Forester, which recently went to live in the Big Parking Lot in the Sky. RIP, my beloved Lesbaru-- you hauled me many miles, moved my stuff many times and were generally an all-around badass of a car. Deb and I have signed up for Philly Car Share and suddenly feel like true residents of this city. I'm even going to get a Pennsylvania license. What has this world come to?

But anyway, enough bitching from me. Let's talk about some positive things in my life right now, in no particular order:

1. I start work in less than a week. Can't. wait. I'm ready to be productive and proactive and engaged again. Also I'm looking forward to another round of Tuna goodness. Nothing like laughing your way through the first rehearsal process of the season.

2. I'm getting super-obsessed with writing recipes for my new website, The Cozy Herbivore. I'm totally into it. I want to write a vegetarian comfort food cookbook for reals. It's a new goal of mine.

3. Starting work will mean I will have the money to do all of the things I've been putting off all summer long: dye my hair, get new jeans, get a haircut, actually start a savings account....

4. After a cold and miserable week, I feel like we've finally had some Indian Summer weather. It's been just lovely!

So life has it's ups and it's downs, and I'm just riding this big wave. I'm going to get back into the blogging groove soon-- I just needed a little break to collect my thoughts. Much love to you all.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Catching UP

I've been away from this blog for a little while-- things are changing, moving, grooving. Also I've been busy working on my newest blog, The Cozy Herbivore. Check it out-- it's a collection of comfort food vegetarian recipes I'm writing. I'm trying to eventually put together a cookbook, so I would love to hear your suggestions and feedback! Also I'm looking for a few guest chefs, so if you have a vegetarian recipe you'd like me to publish, send it to me!

Anyway, the weeks of my 4 month long summer vacation are winding down. I'm really quite happy about it. I know things are crazy during my season, and I don't want to waste any of this precious free time that I won't see once we begin, but frankly, I'm getting bored. I'm ready to get back into the saddle, ready to get to work, ready to feel like I'm contributing to society again.

I've been trying to squeeze in as much fun in the mean time, though. I made my yearly trek up to New York City to meet up with my favorite group of stage managers-- the girls I graduated from SUNY Purchase with.

Interesting side note: my friend Kris Carr pointed out that not only am I the only one from our graduating class of stage managers still stage managing-- I am, in fact, the only one from 3 years of graduating classes (the class before mine, my class and the class after mine) still stage managing. Wow. Just goes to show you that the theater market is over-saturated and under-paid.

Anyway, in true Purchase form, I had so much fun with my girls that the incredible hangover the next day was (almost) worth it. I'm getting too old to drink like I'm still in college, but that fact doesn't keep me from trying.

My former classmates and current buddies Kris Carr and Anita LaScala:

Me and Leah were quite drunk by the end of the night:
The subway ride back to Kris Carr's apartment was pretty grueling, but we weren't the worst drunks on the train, so I didn't feel quite so bad. We had a hangover-curing brunch in the morning, and then I was back on the bus to Philadelphia. I'm already looking forward to next year!

Last night was the 15th annual Barrymore Awards, which celebrate excellence in Philadelphia Theater. The Walnut Street Theatre was nominated for several awards, including 2 "Best Actress in a Musical" nods for our production of Forbidden Broadway's Greatest Hits! Both Jennie and Ellie were nominated, and Jennie ended up taking home the prize. (Although I do wish that they BOTH could have won-- they were both just incredible and I can't believe they had to choose between the two! Also I wish our two boys, Sonny and Marcus, had been nominated as well. Anyway...) Jennie's award was the only silver coin statue the Walnut took home last night, which was a bit disappointing overall, but I'm super proud of Studio 3 for taking home that honor!

After the ceremony, we partied at the Ben. I didn't think to take any pictures with my phone, so thanks to Stephanie Michael for this picture:
(l-r: costume shop manager/costume designer Colleen Grady, Deb, me, Stephanie Michaels)

A huge congrats to everyone who won, especially to my good buddies at 11th Hour Theatre Company who took home 3 statues for their amazing production of Avenue X. Press coverage (and more great photos of everyone dressed up and looking purdy here.)

This weekend I'm heading up to Homer to visit my folks. My brother and his wife will also be visiting, so the whole family will be together! It's going to be so nice to see everyone, and to enjoy the beauty of CNY in the fall.

And that's all the news that fit to print! I will try to update more regularly now that my other site is up and running.